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Janitor 101

In the past, training of a custodial employee consisted of either handing a new employee a mop and stating – “Now you are a janitor”, or placing him with a buddy for a short breaking-in period.  Less than a generation ago the suggestion to train a janitor would surely have been met with a laugh and the words “Who needs a janitor?  All they do is sweep.”  Today, training is essential.  People are beginning to acknowledge that there is more to cleaning than just sweeping- much more.


We find that by working – SMARTER rather than – HARDER – quality and production can be increased.  This is accomplished through the efficient use of modern equipment, materials and trained, skilled labour.

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Quality Control

As managers the importance of constant communication is understood.  We make sure that we visit our clients regularly during office hours to discuss the quality of our service, scheduled routine maintenance such as carpet steam cleaning, and other special projects such as tenant moves or construction.  With permission, we spot-check certain areas directly with tenants by leaving Questionnaire forms to obtain feedback and suggestions regarding our cleaning service.

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The importance of supervisors

The responsibility of a cleaning company is simple.  Keep the premises consistently clean and perform all duties specified in the contract schedule.  All cleaners know this but most have the tendency to skip certain responsibilities.


The management of Clean Brite realizes that supervision of janitors and constant communication with the clients are the most critical parts of the janitorial service industry.


In all large contracts, Clean Brite supplies a building cleaning supervisor who daily checks the quality of work performed by its cleaning crews.  In cases where there might be large non-English speaking crews, we make sure that we appoint a supervisor who is fluent with the English language.  The supervisor is responsible for assuring that the cleaners miss no assignment.  This is achieved by utilizing a detailed checklist (enclosed Cleaning Requirements).  Any cleaning problems occurring during the actual cleaning period are usually remedied before the following morning.  The supervisor is on call 24-hours a day and carries a cell phone and can be reached any time.


A Zone Supervisor supervises smaller contracts. The responsibility of a Zone Supervisor is to make sure that all accounts within his area are checked regularly.  Usually, small accounts which are cleaned five days a week are inspected once a week, and accounts that are cleaned one day a week are checked once a month.

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Smart Cleaning

Presently, the janitorial service industry is being affected by the High tech revolution of computers.  We have recently realized that by utilizing sophisticated formulas, and utilizing the “Team Cleaning method”, we can increase our efficiency rates by ten fold.  For example through our twenty-five years experience we know that as an average, it takes 0.03 hours to remove and replace trash can liners, or 0.03 hours to clean partition glass at a regular office.  Our specialized Clean Brite teams appoint cleaning specialists who perform one or two tasks throughout a facility.  This process effectively advances our cleaners through an area at a much faster and at more proficient rates.  Our program has over 200 tasks that provide a detailed calculation of all the possible cleaning requirements we would find in any building.  This means we are able to do our jobs better at a lower cost.


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