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Run Your Own Business

Starting out as an entrepreneur involves taking a risk, but operating as a franchise reduces the amount of risk. And because you enter the market with a proven brand and a solid reputation, your likelihood of success increases. Clean Brite does everything it can to make sure each franchise is trained, equipped and running smoothly, so that franchise operators can become independently profitable.

Cleaning is Recession Resistant

Clean Brite will continue to thrive because the demand for top-quality cleaning services will never go away. Our company has developed an expert knowledge base from countless trade fairs, client surveys, performance evaluations and other more applied forms of industry research. Because the janitorial service trade is so diverse, Clean Brite has identified key target areas for its franchises, which include: commercial contract cleaning, carpet cleaning, emergency cleans and chemical sales.

A Proven Formula

At Clean Brite, our mission is to provide our franchisees with a business package that will help them become successful leaders in contract cleaning for small to large-sized buildings. You will succeed in a much shorter period of time when you join Clean Brite.

Clean Brite has a successful marketing concept and customer base in place. The company will train you and your staff at both the operational and managerial levels. Clean Brite will provide assistance in site selection, chemical and inventory purchasing (at lower, bulk prices) and scheduling. Clean Brite also gives its franchisees advertising and promotional advantages, with the right to use its nationally recognized trademark and brand name.

Clean Brite’s extensive consulting experience for small and large-sized buildings provides a top-down understanding to franchisees. As a result, franchisees develop an overall perspective of the business: high-level strategy at the top, right down to hands-on, operational strategy at the front-line level.

Support to Ensure Success

While all of its franchises are independently owned, Clean Brite regularly evaluates each one’s performance to maintain a consistently superior janitorial business.

Constant communication and janitorial supervision are the biggest determinants of success in the cleaning industry. Clean Brite works closely with franchisees to ensure enhanced service, routine communication with customers and adherence to customers’ particular cleaning needs.

At Clean Brite, training is essential. We have found that by working smarter (rather than harder), quality and productivity go up. Working smarter means maximizing efficiency, using modern equipment and materials, and having skilled workers. Clean Brite has developed its own cleaning efficiency rates that will reduce your labour costs, and thus increase your profit margins.

Clean Brite franchisees also receive:

  • A guarantee to find you contracts in your area within 6 months
  • A startup training program for your staff
  • Head Office administrative support
  • Advertising and promotional brochures
  • Access to discount equipment, supplies and insurance premiums
  • Clean Brite Operating Manual explaining cleaning techniques, chemical usage, pricing, etc.
  • Clean Brite stationery and brochures for quotations.

Investment Range: #35,000 to $3,000,000

Business Volume: $50,000 to $6,000,000 per year

Proudly Western Canadian

Clean Brite presently has approximately 6 franchises spread across the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The company is based in Regina, which allows for improved communication with its franchises and clients throughout the region – versus that of a company based out East. We know what it means to work under -50°C conditions. We also understand that, due to our environment, cleaning in Western Canada requires a greater attention to detail. As a whole, Clean Brite Regina consists of 10 administrative employees and nearly 250 employees and sub-contractors.


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